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The Iyengar certification process is highly rigorous, assuring you of an instructor who practices and is well trained in the art, science, and philosophy of yoga.


The Room for Yoga studio in West Vancouver offers classes in Iyengar Yoga - an accessible and rewarding approach to hatha yoga. The precision and attention to detail that characterize Iyengar Yoga make it possible for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition, to enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Ingelise Nherlan, the founder of Room for Yoga and an Iyengar certified teacher, has studied Yoga for more than 40 years. She was one of the early students of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar and holds a Senior Intermediate teaching certificate awarded by him. Her teaching is a blend of careful asana work, thoughtful yoga philosophy and a generous dash of humor. She uses her advanced knowledge of the yoga asanas and her awareness of the power of yoga to teach students the energizing and calming connection between mind, body, and spirit.

In the late 1970's, Ingelise introduced Iyengar Yoga to her native Denmark with a series of week long workshops every summer, for 4 years. She has since taught workshops across Canada, developed new teachers through her Room For Yoga Teacher Training Program, and contributed as an assessor to certify new teachers for the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada.

Ingelise has a deep connection to and respect for her Guru, B.K.S. Iyengar, and has studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune, India, during several month long visits. Her last visit was in the summer of 2010.

Room For Yoga welcomes new students to the studio in West Vancouver. Ingelise works closely with new students to introduce them to Iyengar Yoga and to identify classes that are appropriate and rewarding for them.


Ingelise has dedicated her life to spreading Iyengar's teachings from his famous institute in India to her students in Vancouver, Canada and elsewhere. For those of us who have found a home in Iyengar's tradition of yoga, it is a privilege and honour to practice with such a senior teacher. Ingelise pursues this role with a relentless passion and honesty. This has inspired me to follow her along a path towards deeper understanding of myself and the practice of yoga.

Andreas Huster

I went to my first yoga class with Ingelise more than 30 years ago and loved it. I have studied with Ingelise ever since, and my enthusiasm for yoga and Ingelise have only grown stronger. Every one of her classes is new, fresh and different; I never get bored. I am inspired every time.

Ritta Wrede

Ingelise Nherlan has a powerful way of helping people transform. She has the wisdom to recognize our strengths and weaknesses and to use this knowledge to teach us how to grow beyond our limitations and fully enjoy our strengths. Ingelise's expertise is profound, with her absolutely delightful presence, inspiring enthusiasm, and detailed knowledge of every asana. She sequences our practices precisely so that students can get that much deeper into the poses. Ingelise teaches with a sincerely generous, healthy, and caring energy. Everyone feels welcome and attended to in Ingelise's classes because she has a truly heartfelt approach to teaching the Iyengar yoga method. You learn much more than physical poses in her classes; you learn how to move forward as a fuller human being.

Athena Theny

It is an honour for me to recommend Ingelise Nherlan to be your Iyengar yoga instructor. I am a lawyer who has been taking yoga from Ingelise for about five years. Her instruction is unmatched. She teaches with poise, clarity, wit, care, compassion and depth. She is sensitive to and adapts easily to accommodate people with special needs. She has an obvious life commitment to enhance the well-being of others and she gives herself completely to this; her decades of yoga instruction are testament to her commitment. Unlike trendy yoga teachers, Ingelise is true to the first principles of yoga which makes her instruction solid and the benefits to students enduring. Despite my horrendous schedule, I take three classes per week from Ingelise because her guidance is so central to my health and my ability to perform effectively in my profession. Ingelise is rare. You will love her, as I do, for all that she gives towards making you a better person. I recommend Ingelise completely.

Naomi Minwalla